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Business Lunch Milan

"It’s all about making connections and finding better ways to help each other collaborate and learn, not only for survival but to succeed and have fun in the business environment of the future."






A new lunch experience that brings together like-minded people who are looking to make new connections and to grow personally and professionally.


Our lunchgoers and members have an international flavour to their business and their lives; that connection may be a business partnership or a strong existing overseas connection, or even as a foreign citizen now living in Milan. Business Lunch Milan will be there to introduce potential new business partners, suppliers, employees, professional consultants and even new friends.


Have you been to the lunch ? Got any comments to make ? Head over to our Linkedin Page and let us know!


Our lunch is delivered in a friendly and relaxed way, open to all nationalities, all ages and business sectors.

Be inspired at BLM, learn from the successes and failures of those you meet, enjoy yourself and do something new!

It’s all about making connections and finding better ways to help each other collaborate and learn, not only for survival but to succeed and have fun in the business environment of the future.

We are creating an environment that provides a unique networking experience, and a fun and lively atmosphere.

Come and join us !

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