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Milan Business Lunch – December 2014

Laura Salvaneschi, Business Coach.

Laura was our special guest speaker at our Christmas aperitivo on December 10, and the discussion that followed was both stimulating and refreshing, and enjoyed by all that attended. Laura invited us to reconsider how we go about the process of networking, both from a business and even a social perspective. We were reminded of many things we ought to be thinking about (and perhaps some we have forgotten!), when it comes to preparing to come along and meet others, in environments like those created by Business Lunch Milan.

Are you planning to grow your business network ?

How many people do you see in the room?…. 20?…

” I see thousands “

After Laura’s talk there was the opportunity for questions and discussion. This Q&A process indeed revealed various styles of networking and ways that people choose to interact at functions like ours, and provided further discussion and much food for thought.

One of Laura’s tips I’m sure we will remember was:

Always bring your network with you…. at least in your mind

You can learn more about Laura here:


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