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Business Lunch Milan – September 2016

Not all luxury-companies are the same. On Thursday 22 September we met Gyorgy Konda, the co-founder of “Snoblesse”, a luxury gift-carding company that makes luxury gift-giving affordable and risk-free for the giver! Rather than having to guess the perfect luxury-brand gift for your friend, family-member, colleague or employee or other special person in your life, Snoblesse takes away the pain and allows you to access many different luxury brands through the gift of just one (perfectly packaged) card.

Gyorgy Konda left the executive-salaried life of a successful consulting partner in an international firm, to launch the Snoblesse startup business, alongside co-founder Gilberto Genga, an ex-colleague from his former consulting life. Together Gyorgy and Gilberto launched 9 months ago and are in the early growth stages of the business – For unique gifts and to see more, see Snoblesse.


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