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Business Lunch Milan – October 2016

On October 26 our BLM lunch-group met once again for some ‘inspired networking’ over lunch. The atmosphere was buzzing and we had to spread ourselves over 2 rooms this time, at Naturasi restaurant. Over lunch we met Lovby, a consumer-focused and activity-based digital platform at the heart of the sharing economy.

This exciting tech startup was only established in 2014, and is proudly Italian and growing rapidly. Lovby aims to revolutionise customer engagement online, and update the very definition of the sharing economy.

Lovby explains it like this: Companies are constantly seeking new ways to engage with their customers and in doing so add value and create profit potential. Up until now this has been a difficult hurdle to achieve online, with somewhat limited or sporadic results. At the same time consumers are operating within an era of abundant content, however there are scant opportunities to be had from consuming such content. Whilst we want to protect ourselves from exploitation or privacy invasion, we do appreciate those businesses that are in fact able to reward us for our desire to share and consume, transforming such life-experiences into something of real value. Lovby was born with this vision of transforming time into value.

From a business perspective, Lovby can add significant value to company advertising and marketing spend. In fact, companies only spend when they witness customers and potential-customers taking actions both online and offline, actions that are facilitated and communicated to consumers, by Lovby.

So Lovby is the portal through which companies and consumers can interact and engage for mutual benefit. What’s the value to the customer or new consumer? Well apart from satisfaction that may come from trying something new or sharing experiences related to Lovby-brands, each time they share they are rewarded with Lovby points, or “Lovies”. To access the network, see how one can accumulate Lovies from a long list of participating brands, and redeem those Lovies for gifts or rewards, new members can join-up by using their existing social-network login credentials, at

We thank Lovby president and CEO Andrea Gualtieri and Fabrizio Rametto for sharing their brand and their vision, at BLM in October 2016, and we watch with great interest their progress both in Italy and internationally. We look forward to seeing everyone again at our next event, an aperitivo on November 23.


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